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offset (mm)
overall height (mm)
threaded stem (mm)
hub length (mm)
groove width (mm)
groove depth (mm)
wheel width (mm)
wheel Ø (mm)
bolt hole-Ø (mm)
screwhole diameter (mm)
screwhole distance (mm)
splayed bush (mm)
pin (mm)
load capacity (kg)
displaced hub length (mm)
Please Note
Wheel body
width with flange (mm)
width without flange (mm)
max. tyre pressure (bar)
Axles-Ø (mm)
Axle lengths (mm)
centre bore Ø (mm)
contact area (mm)
mid-axle to contact area (mm)
top of ball to top of screw nut (mm)
total length (mm)
overall height Glider (mm)
outer-Ø (mm)
height (mm)
size (mm)
Length (mm)
Bush-Ø (mm)
Collar-Ø (mm)
Overall height without load (mm)
Overall height with full load (mm)
mounting hole Ø (mm)
ball hole Ø (mm)

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