BECOME PARTNERS aims to provide wheels and castors from its European partners

The complementarity of our ranges allows us to cover a spectrum unparalleled to date. Indeed, we cover the entire range of light load wheel (childcare, toys, shopping carts, furniture, community, medical, ...) to the range of heavy loads (automotive, industrial, transportation, bakery ... ).

Designer and manufacturer of injection molded parts (PP, PA, PVC, EVA, ...) and wheel with plastic or metal rims sectors of Nursery, the Toy, the Industrial, Medical, market Strollers, Garden, the Boating etc.

In our business, we specialize in the preparation and processing by injection / thermoplastic copolymer expansion EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) with, in particular, achieving proof tire as an alternative to air and the product such as polyurethane.

The EVA is best known because it is the constituent soles of sneakers, the puzzle mats for children, some bottle nipples or hot melt adhesives which it is based.

The EVA we use is "Food" and biologically inert. All that is rubber may be made of EVA (2 times - 4 times expensive and lighter)

Partnership BS ROLLEN

 BS supply over 12,000 products – high-grade castors and complete transport systems – to retailers spread all across Europe. BS accord top priority to

customers’ specific requirements, allowing masterpieces of engineering to take shape. These range from filigree designer castors through to heavy-duty

castors built with a load-bearing capacity of up to 11 tonnes. All geared to consistent quality standards. Presented in shop display systems designed to

promote sale. A genuine eye-catcher for all customers, no matter whether regular or potential buyers. Erected in 2009, the company headquarters in

Remscheid boasts a logistics centre extending to more than 3,000 square metres plus 600 square metres of office space. All standard commercial

castor and wheel designs can be dispatched from this point within 24 hours.

Creative sources of energy and motivated endurance constantly lead to new solutions.

“While not developing the future of the world, we design the products to keep it rolling” states Bernd Schmahl.