How we operate

We work for and with quality. Not only for the sake of doing so. It’s simply part of our mission. We would not want you to miss a step due to any shortcomings on our part.

We prefer to keep on course and take you on board with us. That explains why we accord top priority to quality. We interpret this as creativity and thoroughness applied to planning, conscientious handcrafting skills and computer-precise control applied to production and calculable quality standards to make the ultimate product fit for its future task. We spare no pains to ensure proof of this, since knowledge is more than just faith alone. BS are certified in accordance with DIN ISO 9001:2008.The Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences is in a position to certify technically relevant products for us in accordance with DIN EN 15227 up to DIN EN 15233. The University also carries out partial testing in compliance with DIN EN 1004 and DIN EN 840 standards.

The assurance of everything being in plumb gives us faith in ourselves. There’s no other way! It has always been like that in the past, it’s like that now and will always remain the same. That’s a firm promise! Tradition is a commitment! It is a firm allegiance to maintaining high quality standards, not only to ensure us of your custom and not only from the physically angle. It also keeps us on the move, a permanent incentive – both for you and ourselves. No matter what role is assigned to us, we always regard it as an important one to play.

Achieving a precision landing applied to quality is a key role we are content to adopt and one that keeps us moving forwards. After all, it’s quality that keeps your own business rolling.